Engineer trainee

Trainee at ESVAGT

Machine Trainee

As a machine trainee at ESVAGT, you get the opportunity to be trained as a machinist or engineer. You get the opportunity to try theory in practice and gain valuable competencies. If you as a trainee do good, we can subsequently offer you a position as a junior engineer with the opportunity for a career at ESVAGT.

Life at sea

As an intern, you will be involved in all technical work on the ship. You will take part in the supervision and operation of the engine room, maintenance and control of all technical equipment as well as technical administrative tasks. You will be trained by a colleague in a duty roster (24/7) and will also have the opportunity to participate in ship-based exercises, e.g. sailing with Fast Rescue Boats (FRB), fire drills and first aid.

The internship is paid. Also, you will get work clothes and subsistence allowance, as well as we cover your transport expenses.

Start your career at ESVAGT
ESVAGT is a great place to start your career at sea. You will be taught from scratch by experienced seamen, and you will be allowed to be part of the daily work. 

What we are looking for
You have to be passionate about doing the daily tasks in the engine room with maximum focus on safety and working environment.

Who we are looking for

It is important that you are passionate about doing the daily tasks in the engine room with maximum focus on safety and working environment. You must have an interest and flair for working in an engine room, an all-round approach to technical troubleshooting and repairs as well as good electrical and hydraulic knowledge.

You must be able to work within the company’s norms and values ​​(Our values). In addition, we expect you to be proactive, open and accommodating.

About being a trainee as a machinist

  • You will follow the permanent crew in the machine, where you are allowed to help out
  • You will receive a course in behavioral safety and Fast Rescue Boat sailing before the first engagement
  • You participate in the training exercises on board the ship

We offer

  • 4 weeks on sea followed by 4 weeks off
  • Fitness equipment, internet and your own chamber
  • The possibility to be offered a place as a junior engineer at ESVAGT if you achieve a good evaluation after the internship

We expect

  • You are training as a ship engineer
  • You have a practical craft background such as electrician
  • You are in good physical shape
  • You have the urge to work with fire, rescue and first aid at sea
  • You have a valid health certificate, passport, Basic Safety Training certificate and discharge book

Nice to know

If you have experience within the fishery, make sure you are allowed to sail in the merchant navy with the papers you have. Otherwise, contact MARTEC in Frederikshavn and learn more about the transition course from fishing to the merchant navy.

We receive many requests and not every job will be advertised in newspapers and the web. We use our database, so it’s important that you register your job application – and make a regularly update.

Once your application is registered correctly, you will receive an automatic response confirming your application has been received. If we choose to invite you for an interview, we will get in contact with you. If you are not qualified for a position in ESVAGT, you will receive a rejection per. mail. Unfortunately, we will not be able to elaborate on the individual refusal personally.