Based in Esbjerg, Procurement & Logistics is responsible for the entire Supply Chain within ESVAGT.
Strategic Procurement is responsible for sourcing goods and services for the ESVAGT Fleet, as well as selecting suppliers and negotiating agreements.

Operational Procurement & Logistics is responsible on a day-to-day basis to secure operations related to the supply of ESVAGT’ vessels, including handling supplier orders, reviewing and approving orders, deliveries and invoices as well as other tasks related to in- and outbound activities.



With the right suppliers, we aim to build sustainable and value creating relationships, and based on this and exchange of best practices, we aspire to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership in relation to our procurement spend.


We have the intention to build close relationship with any supplier who brings value to ESVAGT’ business and we are therefore always interested in identifying new suppliers that fit our requirements. If you are interested in working with ESVAGT, please contact us for further discussions.


Link to ESVAGT General Purchasing Conditions